January 2020 Interview - Vera Kosarev

Q) Vera can you share a little about your story and what inspired you early on to go into the dance sport/ballroom dance industry?

A) For as long as I can remember, music and dance have always been a part of my life. My  Grandmother, Mayya, worked at as a teacher at a local school in Nizhny, Novgorod, Russia.    There, she was also in charge of  of several plays and musicals.  I always watched in admiration when I was lucky enough to go with her to the rehearsals.   My  grandfather Yakov, had a beautiful collection of tango songs.   He would play them a lot in the house and  we would dance around listening to his songs.  Both, my mom and  grandma, also finished Music School and played piano.  After several failed piano classes my family decided to take me to a nearby Dance Studio where I fell in love with ballroom dancing.

Q) What are some of the benefits of dancing?

A) Aside from learning to dance, people come to the studio for many different reasons.  Some come to lose weight, gain more balance and coordination.   It is a safe and hands on form of exercise not to mention fun.  You do not notice the time go by at all.  Others come because they may have lost their significant other or they may be dealing with empty nest syndrome.  There have also been multiple studies done that ballroom dancing helps prevent and improve brain function and disease such as Alzheimer’s and MS.    There is literally not enough room to list all the benefits here!!!!  I love that this spot is inclusive of everyone! It is for any age, size, color, race, ability, gender, you name it. You just need to make that first step through the door!!! I feel that every person needs to know at least a little bit of social dancing.  Everybody goes to weddings, cruises, parties and other events.

Q)  How did you meet your business, dance and life partner Vladimir? 

A) Vladimir and I met in Rochester, NY where we were living at the time.  We had a brief encounter when Vladimir first moved from Perm, Russia but it wasn’t until I came back to Fred Astaire, after a break for collage, that we started dating and dancing together. We have been with Fred Astaire Dance Studios for over 15 years.

Q) What have been some of your biggest achievements: 

A) Vladimir and I have been lucky enough to have many accolades both on the business side, winning top studio both regionally and nationally many times over the last 8 years we have been open, as well as countless top teacher awards.We have also been lucky enough to achieve several title in our professional career that include:  Two Time World Masters Smooth Champions, Us National Nine Dance Finalists, Fred Astaire World Champions, Two Time National Fred Astaire Champions, as well as Members Of The Prestigious Fred Astaire Dance Studios National Dance Board & International Dance Council

Q) What advice would you give people that are first coming in? 

A) Dancing is a trained skill like any other.  It takes time! If you want to learn how to play the piano, learn to play golf, or a new language you will not learn it over night.  Please have patience.  Everyone has a different pace of learning. Also, all dances are interrelated so please have an open mind and let the professional instructor guide you.   Many people come in asking for Salsa, however that will not help you in most social situations.  You should have a nice repertoire under your belt.  In fact, we just went to a “Salsa Night” over the holidays and they probably only played actual Salsa for about 10% of the time.

Q.) How can we take lessons at your studio?

A.) Please visit: 


We have a special offer for the new year valid until January 31st, 2020. We are also available to answer any questions at: 305-443-0085

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