Venture Capital / Investor Luncheon - Hotel Chesterfield Palm Beach 


Please note date and time change
Board Room, Chesterfield Hotel, 11:00 - 1:00 pm
Cost - your lunch bill 
The Angel/VC Forum is designed for
accredited investors and/or their advisors only
RSVP requested - - 561-293-5868

 Presenter 1 - Diana Dorozhkina - A developing brand in fashion, art, and design. Diana is famous in Russia and Ukraine, and wants to develop a multifacited brand in the USA. She is looking for branding partners.
Presenter 2 - Crytorex BioSciences, Developed Cytoreg, an ion therapy based on a balanced mix of acids in ion equilibrium. Pre-clinical evidence and live patient data in Venezuela indicates a high degree of success on various cancers, with initial target pancreatic and brain cancers. Phase I clinicals are scheduled.
Presenter 3 - Octobotic Corporation - Alive Advisor,  (  one of the first unmanned artificialized, autotomized, automated cloud based global corporate development licensing and strategic partnering a new platform technology to rival Google, Facebook, Linkedin, UTube, Amazon, etc. to capture the IA market. IBM and Oracle are authorized business partners. The PBBG is developing a joint venture utilizing the AliveAdvisor technology to greatly increase its benefits to our Members.