Kene Kaya by Alessandro Durand - Miami Swim Week 2024 - Peru
Alessand Durand - Peruvian Fashion Philanthropist

Breaking Fashion Boundaries: Miami Designer Alessandra Durand Set to Redefine Fashion at Miami Swim Week with Kene Kaya's Peruvian Amazon-inspired Collection!

Local Miami designer Alessandra Durand prepares to captivate audiences during her upcoming show at Miami Swim Week

  The Shows with her brand Kene Kaya, promising a groundbreaking showcase that promises to transcend conventional expectations on May 30. In a departure from the traditional aesthetics of Miami Swim Week, Alessandra Durand's elegant collection promises to transport spectators to the lush depths of the Peruvian Amazon. Drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe, the collection showcases mesmerizing print and embroidered textile artwork crafted by indigenous artists and artisans from the heart of the Amazon rainforest.. Attendees can expect to be immersed in a world of vibrant colors, intricate geometric patterns, and captivating imagery depicting the wildlife and nature of the Amazon. Alessandra Durand's designs fuse elegance with cultural reverence, offering a stunning array of swim and resort wear that celebrates the talent of indigenous Peruvian artists. "I believe fashion has the power to be an agent of change," says Alessandra Durand, whose passion for social entrepreneurship and cultural preservation has been the driving force behind her visionary creations. "With this collection, I aim to not only showcase the exquisite artwork of Shipibo artists but also to honor the culture, traditions and heritage of indigenous communities in Peru." 

 Alessandra Durand's journey into fashion has been shaped by her upbringing and unique personal experiences. Born to Peruvian parents dedicated to social justice and humanitarian causes, Alessandra's background in International Development during her studies at Oxford University and Stanford ignited her fascination with alternative economic models and social entrepreneurship in solving humanity’s most pressing needs. Visiting a slum in Lima known as Cantagallo, where a collective of Shipibo-Conibo artists live, she witnessed the challenges of talented artists who cannot share their work and handicrafts beyond the streets of Lima.

 Having spent eight years as a business consultant advising Fortune 500 companies around the world, Alessandra was inspired to channel her love for fashion during her travels into a platform for social change. By collaborating closely with indigenous artists in Peru, she has created a collection that not only pushes the boundaries of design but also amplifies the voices of marginalized communities. "What sets my collections apart is the fusion of contemporary design with traditional art forms," explains Alessandra. 

 "I believe in fashion's potential to drive positive change, and I am committed to using my brand as a platform to showcase the work of indigenous artists and their communities to global markets."

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