Ron Zacapa, the renowned premium aged beverage known for its exceptional artisanship and deeply rooted Guatemalan heritage, today announced its partnership with the prestigious Latin American Fashion Summit (LAFS). Expanding its continued support for the creatives honored, Zacapa will double the prize value for the three winners of the coveted Designer of the Year award categories. Additionally, at the event's annual Gala on Wednesday, November 8th, Zacapa will announce the first-of-its-kind 'Visionary of the Year' distinction which will be presented to Raul Lopez of Luar.

Each year, the LAFS honors Latin American designers who are changing the face of the industry in three categories: Ready to Wear Designer of the Year, Accessories Designer of the Year, and Social Impact Project of the Year. This year, Zacapa will directly contribute to supporting the growth of Latin American fashion creatives through assistance that will aid them in building engaging platforms and impactful projects for the world to discover.

Supporting communities is a core value for Zacapa, a brand that has been actively dedicated to uplifting Guatemalan communities through Petate weaving since 1999, and uniting over 700 women to date through this work. Zacapa's craft stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to empowering a community of women who are not just employees; they are the heartbeat of Zacapa's operation. With their exceptional weaving skills, they craft the exquisite bands that infuse Zacapa bottles with their authentic Guatemalan identity. For these incredible women it is more than just a job; it can be a lifeline and a profound source of empowerment.

It is within these communities that the values of Zacapa and LAFS seamlessly align. Both exemplify a rich heritage, emphasizing the importance of giving back, and elevating craftsmanship to new heights. Zacapa's profound commitment to uplifting these remarkable women is a testament to the power of conscious business practices and the impact that can be made when brands genuinely invest in the communities they support.

Raul Lopez, the creative force behind the inspirational fashion brand Luar, is set to be honored by Zacapa as the very first LAFS 'Visionary of the Year'. Lopez, a Dominican designer who is equally inspired by his family and his roots, with designs drawn from his grandmother's style and community heirlooms. Through his luxury label, Luar, Lopez has created a brand with a mission that transcends the exclusive realm of the 1%, focusing on inclusivity and celebrating culture in every intricate detail. Zacapa's recognition of Lopez extends beyond just celebrating his remarkable achievements in the world of high fashion – it also pays tribute to Lopez's unwavering dedication to empowerment through heritage. As a result of the new 'Visionary of the Year' honor, Lopez and Zacapa will announce a collaboration in spring 2024.

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